Jew of the Week: Beruria

Women Are Always Right

A Page of Talmud

Beruria (c. 170 CE) Despite the fact that her parents were executed by the Romans for the crime of teaching Torah, Beruria went on to become a famous Jewish sage herself, exceeding the greatness of many rabbis of her time (and all-time). She is said to have learned 300 chapters of Jewish law in a single day (a bad day, no less) and settled quite a few rabbinic disputes. Married to the miracle worker Rabbi Meir, they were forced to flee Israel from the Romans and lost two of their sons in a plague. A well-known story narrates the couples’ heroic rescue of Beruria’s kidnapped sister from a brothel. In a nod to the modern-day¬†adage that women are always right, the Talmud ends a debate between the sages by stating simply: “Beruria has spoken correctly.”

Words of the Week

“Seek G-d when He may be found, call upon Him when He is near” (Isaiah 55:6) These are the ten days between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur.
– Talmud, Rosh HaShana 18a

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  1. dave

    “Womens are allways right, except when they are worng…which is all the time…” – dave
    U can quote me.

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