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Jew of the Week: Jamie Zimmerman

Jamie Zimmerman (Credit: jamiezmd.com)

Jamie Zimmerman (Credit: jamiezmd.com)

Jamie Lauren Zimmerman (1983-2015) spoke her first words at just 4 months of age, read herself to sleep as a child, and learned how to ride a bike and play keyboards on her own. During her teen years, she appeared on popular TV shows like 7th Heaven, Boston Public, and The Practice. After completing her studies at UCLA, she journeyed to New York to earn her M.D. Soon after, she joined ABC News as a medical correspondent. She also wrote for the Huffington Post, Yahoo News, and others. Her main goal and passion was uniting “science and spirituality, meditation and medicine”. Zimmerman taught meditation to various groups, including her fellow staff at ABC News, children at the Hawn Foundation, and even at the U.S. Capitol. She also served as a UN Health Representative, and as a group leader for the American World Jewish Service, living and volunteering all over the world in places like Uganda, Peru, Thailand, Haiti, Burma, and Belize. During her time in Zambia she worked hard to assist Congolese refugees, and made a documentary film about their plight. She was a winner of the Charles E. Young Humanitarian Award, as well as the Physicians For Human Rights Emerging Leaders Award. Zimmerman planned to publish several books in the near future, and was ready to collaborate with Deepak Chopra on a new project. Sadly, she passed away last Monday while on a trip to Hawaii.

Words of the Week

People talk about “wasting time,” or even “killing time.” Neither term is accurate. Time does not belong to you that you can waste it. Yet neither does it have a life of its own that you can take away. Rather, time awaits you to give it life.
Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, the Lubavitcher Rebbe